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A helpful guide for Starfield Ship Captains

Starfield presents players with a multifaceted gaming experience that can be quite intricate to grasp. To assist aspiring Starfield ship captains in navigating this complexity, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide.

Tips for Boarding and Hijacking Enemy Ships

If you have a penchant for boarding and hijacking enemy vessels, there are several effective strategies to enhance your chances of success. Let’s delve into them.

To begin, when engaging multiple enemy ships, it’s advisable to save the one you intend to board for the final confrontation.

Once you’ve whittled down your adversaries to the last remaining ship, focus your fire on their engines. You will need to have unlocked the Targeting Control Systems skill (level 1) in order to target specific ship functions. 

Employ electromagnetic (EM) weaponry like suppressors once their shields are down. This approach inflicts minimal structural damage, instead rendering the ship inoperative. 


With the engines incapacitated, you can smoothly initiate a boarding action. After taking out all opposition, take the pilot’s seat, provided you hold the requisite rank for the captured ship. You can then undock, access the menu, designate the ship as your home ship, register it, and proceed with necessary repairs.

(Pro tip: Registering the ship in your own menu is always cheaper than registering a ship at a vendor in the game)

Should you desire an immediate return to your previous vessel, the process is straightforward and easy. Target your former ship and promptly dock with it. Board the ship. Reassume the pilot’s seat, navigate to the menu, select ‘ship,’ and establish it as your home ship. This action integrates your recently commandeered ship into your fleet, allowing you to continue your endeavors with your original ship.

Bear in mind that there is a limit of 10 ships you can keep at one time in the game. If you find yourself at or nearing this threshold, you’ll need to dispose of one before acquiring a new one.

Also, keep this in mind. If you are wanting to capture ships, don’t have auto turrets.

For those seeking ways to farm XP or encounter additional enemy ships in the vast expanse of Starfield, explore the latter half of this article under ‘Leveling at Higher Levels While Piloting’.

Customizing Your Ship’s Color

Altering the color scheme of your entire ship is a straightforward process. Begin by selecting ‘all’ (LB on Xbox), then choose ‘color’ (LS on Xbox). Cycle through the available three color options (LB or RB on Xbox), and finally, confirm your selection by pressing ‘Accept’ (A on Xbox).

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t realize how easy this process was or if you found yourself changing the colors of individual parts in the past. This was not made apparent to most players, hence we thought it would be helpful to include it in this short guide.

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Determining the Quality of Enemy Ships

During encounters, you may encounter enemy ships bearing various designations, such as Ecliptic Falcata, Ecliptic Falcata II, and Ecliptic Falcata III. The numerical suffix signifies the ship’s quality and tier; a higher number denotes superior quality. Understanding this is essential, not only for assessing your chances in battle but also for deciding whether to board or commandeer a ship. Higher-quality ships fetch better prices and serve as excellent platforms for crafting custom vessels.

Hijacking Starborn Guardians

To successfully board and seize a Starborn Guardian, timing is critical. You must enter the ship within approximately 15 seconds of its landing. If it lands far from your location, you may miss your chance. However, if it touches down nearby and you wish to claim it, waste no time—rush to the ship’s entrance. For a demonstration of this process, watch the accompanying video:

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