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Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse Bishop CA (Review)

Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse Bishop CA (Review)

On the main drag of Bishop, CA (871 N Main St), Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse stands as a culinary beacon, drawing locals and travelers alike to its welcoming doors. Its prominence isn’t just a matter of taste; the restaurant’s prime location just off Main Street makes it an easily accessible stop for those meandering through the town or seeking a hearty meal after a day of adventure.

Ambience & Setting

Upon entering Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse, visitors are immediately greeted by a spacious and inviting interior. The abundance of booths ensures that groups, whether large or small, can find a comfortable spot to settle into. For those who prefer the crisp Bishop air, the outdoor patio offers a serene setting, perfect for soaking in the evening vibes.

But it’s not just the physical space that exudes warmth; the atmosphere is distinctly family-centric. It’s not uncommon to see children laughing at a nearby table. Parents can browse a dedicated kids’ menu as well.

The entire establishment is conveniently situated on the ground floor, eliminating the need for stair navigation.

Service Experience

The staff’s welcoming demeanor immediately sets a positive tone for the visit. The ordering process is streamlined and efficient: guests place their orders at the counter, allowing for a more relaxed and personal interaction. Once orders are placed, diners can comfortably settle into their chosen spots, with the assurance that their freshly prepared meals will be promptly brought to their tables. Throughout the visit, the friendliness and promptness of the service consistently stand out, making each guest feel valued and attended to.

Culinary Delights

Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse boasts a menu that caters to a wide range of palates, but it’s their focus on American classics like burgers and fries that truly stands out to me.

Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse Bishop CA (Review)

The shot gun burger, a highlight of my visit, was a masterclass in burger craftsmanship. The patty was an exemplar of juiciness, cooked to perfection, retaining its moisture and flavor in every bite. Complementing the patty were the buns, which were notably flavorful. Their distinct look and quality hinted at their likely source: the renowned Erick Schat’s Bakkery, a local favorite just up the street.

My wife’s experience echoed my sentiments. She savored her burger, commenting on its well-balanced flavors and overall quality. Her rating? A near-perfect 9/10. I concur.

Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse Bishop CA (Review)

However, our culinary journey had its bumps. The garlic parmesan fries, while enticing at first, proved a bit overpowering in their garlic intensity. Though we’re both fans of the classic garlic and parmesan combination, this particular rendition was a tad too bold, with the garlic’s potency overshadowing the other flavors. The garlic was actually so powerful that it burned , which is not something I have experience often, or enjoy. I wouldn’t get them prepared that way next time. Even though we shared, we were unable to finish them.

Beverage Offerings

No meal is complete without the perfect beverage pairing, and Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse doesn’t disappoint in this department. For those inclined towards a hoppy delight, the selection of beers on tap offers a wide range. If beer isn’t your choice of drink, fear not. The establishment also offers a broad spectrum of sodas, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or preference, finds their perfect thirst quencher.


The pricing is both reasonable and reflective of the quality on offer. While you seat yourself, the quality of food is on par with many sit down restaurants. The burger prices are reasonable for the high quality beef. This isn’t about fast food but just good food served quickly on a budget.


While dining is the main draw at Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse, the establishment also dabbles in providing its patrons with live musical entertainment.

However, during our visit, the melodies of live music were absent. The daytime hours might not be their typical performance window, or perhaps it was just a quiet day. Nonetheless, the prospect of enjoying a burger to the tunes of a live band is an enticing one and might be worth checking out on future visits.


Reflecting on the entire experience at Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse, it’s evident that the establishment operates under commendable management. Every facet, from the ambiance and service to the culinary offerings, speaks volumes about the care and dedication put into ensuring a memorable experience for every guest. While every dish might not be to everyone’s taste, the burgers are undeniably a standout.

So, if you ever find yourself in the charming town of Bishop, a stop at Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse is highly recommended. And while you’re there, do yourself a favor and indulge in one of their signature burgers – it’s a decision you’re unlikely to regret.

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