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How to hide contraband in Starfield

How to hide contraband

So, you’ve tried to smuggle contraband like your version of Han Solo in Bethesda’s Starfield and you’re not having success, even with your shielded cargo hold. Don’t lose hope. Follow this guide to see what you need to do and how to hide contraband in Starfield, and you will be a proper scoundrel in no time.

We will try and break it down simply: Let’s say your ship comes equipped with a total cargo capacity of 500 units of space, comprising 400 standard cargo space and an additional 100 shielded cargo space (“I use these for smuggling”). The key to avoiding unwanted attention is to ensure that the amount of contraband in your cargo hold never exceeds the capacity of your shielded cargo space. The shielded cargo space is automatically used to hide your contraband.

To maximize your chances of evading scans, you’ll want to invest in a multi-frequency scan jammer (found in places like the Red Mile or the Key), equip shielded cargo holds (also found in more unscrupulous places like the Red Mile and the Key), and attain at least one level in the Deception skill. This combination will grant you the highest possible odds, capping at a 90% chance of avoiding detection. Keep in mind that while the Deception skill can increase your percentage with each level, the game won’t let you exceed that 90% threshold.

To ensure your contraband remains discreet, always store it in your main ship’s cargo hold, not in the captain’s storage or other containers. To access your cargo hold, open the menu and navigate to your ship, located in the bottom left corner of the screen. You’ll find a prompt on the bottom right to access your cargo hold. Store all your items there, and you’ll be on your way to staying under the radar.

Of course, you could just skip worrying about smuggling past the authorities and simply visit the Den, the Key, or somewhere else like that. In these places, your ship will not be scanned and you will be able to sell off your ill-gotten contraband and stolen goods with great ease! Remember that the Trade Authority vendors will buy it from you without any problems. Both in person, and at the kiosks.

We hope this advice proves helpful!

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