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How to level up your character quickly in Starfield

Are you looking for a simple way to level up your character on Starfield in a short time? Sometimes the progress is too slow or you need to unlock a skill. If that’s the case, keep reading and we will demonstrate a way for you on how to level up your character quickly in Starfield.

There are multiple planets where you can do a similar startegy, but one that we found that was particularly effective was by visiting the moon, Nemeria IV-A. The moon can be found in the Nemeria system, which is at the top of the universe map about between Cheyenne and Kryx.


One you get there, find the planet Nemeria IV. Nemeria IV-A is a low gravity moon that orbits Nemeria IV. You can land just about anywhere on the moon, as it is temperate and full of fauna, which are all airborne. Upon exiting your ship, you will most likely find many different flying creatures in very short order.

However, it is recommended that you sleep for one hour for a 10% XP boost before you start. You may choose to return to your ship every 20 minutes in order to maintain that 10% boost as you continue the process.

There are two specific species that are larger, which makes them easier to target, and provide a lot of XP for each one that is killed. They include Pack Whalesharks and Floating Brainblimp Filterers. The Pack Whalesharks are often found at higher altitudes and in smaller groups and are more aggressive, while the Floating Brainblimp Filterers are often found in larger packs and are usually not aggressive unless they are attacked.

Don’t waste your time on the Flying Jellyfish which are smaller and provide only 1 XP per kill (albeit, they are super easy to kill, non-aggressive, and stationary).

After you take down whatever Pack Whalesharks or Floating Brainblimp Filterers is in your range, move along for a short while and it wont take long to find another group or pack of creatures that are easy to kill and provide a lot of experience.

It is recommended that you use a lower powered gun with more ammo in order to do it less expensively. Additionally, because they are not particularly dangerous and easy to kill, you won’t be in a lot of danger. However, you would be wise to save every so often just to preserve your progress.

Another method for speeding up your progress would be to go to settings and change your difficulty to very easy while you are doing it. That setting is easy to change at any moment in the game.

There are multiple planets that have such an opportunity for leveling in Starfield, including the Strix system.

Here is another moon with plenty of airborne fauna in Ka’zaal, which is in the Nirah System.

Leveling at higher levels while piloting

Another method for leveling at higher levels is to travel to the Serpentis System. After arriving at any of the planets in the system, just fly around for 10-15 seconds and you will usually get attacked within that time by Va’Ruun Zealots.

In the following video you will see what happens in many cases. If you don’t get attacked within 2o seconds or so, just fly to the next moon/planet in the system and wait for 10-15 seconds.

Although in the video shown, it is only one ship, and it is fairly low level, you will often get attacked by multiple ships, and they are often higher level as well.

After you finish mopping up the remainder of ships, go to another random planet/moon in the Serpentis system and do it again. Rinse and repeat until your heart is content.

In addition to farming XP, you can level up your piloting skill very quickly doing this. It is also a great way for capturing good quality ships if you are looking to build a fleet, or just sell ships at a profit. To do this, attack the lowest level ships first, and save the highest level ship for last. Using targeting, go after their engines. Suppressors work great for disabling engines when you are targeting them, doing little permanent damage to the ship.

Another way to level up your piloting skills and/or farm XP as a pilot is to join the UC Vanguard. There is a simulator that you can use as much as you like to train and fight. The kills you notch in the simulator count towards your piloting and skill challenge progress.

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