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How to stop being attacked for no reason in Starfield

stop being attacked for no reason

Are you being attacked by what you think should be friendly ships in starfield, with no bounty to be paid off? Well, we might have a solution for you. You see, I’ve been putting in significant playing time in my play through, and I recently ran into that problem.

Ships from the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective were attacking me relentlessly no matter what. I couldn’t figure out what it was, because I tend to play as a good guy for the most part (although the ship trying to scam players out of credits by selling warranties for ships had to be destroyed by me).

I checked to see if I had a bounty and somehow I did have a very small bounty for UC. I flew to one of my outposts, crafted a bounty clearance kiosk, and paid it off. However, after I did that, I was still being attacked by Freestar Collective ships. I had no other bounties.

I had heard of this happening to others, but didn’t know if there was a fix, but it seems as if there is!

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Wait in a chair or sleep in a bed for 5-6 days and it might just fix this bug and save you endless amounts of time!

The only save I had available that I could go back to was 4 days before my last batch of saves and I didn’t want to go back to it, so I took a day off from playing. Determined to find a work around after a frustrating hour or so the day before, I decided to try something new. I looked around on some of the Facebook groups I was part of to see if I could find any tips for fixing it, and it seems that there was one particular suggestion that seemed easy enough and was definitely worth a try.

I slept at one of my outposts for 5-6 days. My outpost was on Alpha Marae III-D. An hour on that planet is equivalent to almost 12 earth hours, so I didn’t have to wait all that long for the effects to kick in.

I don’t know if a lesser time would have worked or if a longer time might have been needed for a more serious crime. I didn’t even know what my crime was.

Thankfully, it worked and I didn’t have to reload a save from days earlier losing all of that precious playing time. This is something that Bethesda should patch, and I hope they do. However, if they don’t, or haven’t yet upon you reading this, try out what I suggest.

If you are experiencing what I was, I hope this works for you too. I created this post in the hopes that other players having similar problems might be able to find help about this issue like I was.

Looking for some helpful tips while playing Starfield, say no more!

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