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Manufacturer Shipyard Locations in Starfield

Manufacturer Shipyard Locations in Starfield

In the expansive universe of Bethesda’s “Starfield”, the nuances of spaceship customization play a pivotal role in enhancing your interstellar experience. Each manufacturer in the game crafts unique ship components, setting them apart with distinctive designs and functionalities. While these parts are meticulously engineered for individuality, they’re also designed with compatibility in mind, allowing players to mix and match components across different manufacturers.

However, a key detail to note is that not every starport, shipyard, or staryard is a one-stop-shop for all manufacturers. While they may house an array of diverse components, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stock parts from every brand in the cosmos. Therefore, if you have your heart set on a specific component from a particular manufacturer, your best bet is to journey to that manufacturer’s designated location(s).

Not only can you purchase manufacturer specific parts from each of the salesmen at these locations, but you can also buy pre-made ships from each of these manufacturers there.

If you are looking for the widest variety of parts from a variety of manufacturers, you will want to create an outpost and buy the components at your own landing pad with ship builder (this will have to be constructed).

Here, you’ll find a comprehensive collection tailored to that brand, ensuring you get the exact piece you’re seeking for your spaceship build. In order to begin the process at each of the locations, you will want to select the dialogue choice “I’d like to view and modify my ships”.

Taiyo Showroom

Taiyo ships are known for being works of art. They are also a division of Ryujin, a prominent company in the game. To locate the Taiyo Shipyard, journey to Neon on the Volii Alpha planet within the Volii system. On one end of the Neon Core can be found the Ryujin Tower. Once there, take the elevator to “Taiyo Astroneering” and speak with Veronica Young in the showroom.

Ryujin Tower

Some of the parts that are unique to this particular location include:

  • Samurai Enhanced Cockpit
  • Daimyo Enhanced Cockpit
  • Shogun Enhanced Cockpit
  • Himeji Command Bridge

Stroud-Eklund Showroom

Situated in Neon, on Volii Alpha of the Volii system, this staryard boasts a prime location. When in the area, look out for its showroom—it’s conveniently positioned opposite the Volii Hotel within the Neon Core. Once inside, locate the Stroud-Eklund Ship Kiosk and you can start buying parts.

Some of the parts that are unique to this particular location include:

  • Stability Pro Landing Bay
  • Kon-Tiki B-300 Bridge

Stroud-Eklund Staryard

There is also a Stroud-Eklund staryard located in the Narion System. The Stroud-Eklund Staryard is located next to the planet Deepala, and the moon Dalvik, on the right side of the map, in the same orbit as “The Clinic”, a starport clinic. Dock at the staryard and locate Havershaw. He is the salesman there.

HopeTech Shipyard

Nestled in the quaint settlement of Hopetown in the Valo system, adjacent to the Narion System, HopeTech Shipyard stands tall. Found on the Polvo planet, HopeTech is renowned for its focus on producing function over form spaceships. Locate the HopeTech office and go to the right. That is where the sales desk is. You will need to speak with Inaya Rehman.

Some of the parts that are unique to this particular location include:

  • Hopetech Radiator
  • Hope 4 Landing Bay
  • Overseer 300 Bridge
  • Overseer 300E Bridge
  • Overseer 400 Bridge

Nova Galactic Shipyard

Your destination is the Sol system. Once there, navigate to Titan, Saturn’s moon. Upon landing, speak with the Ship Services Technician. You should be able to buy almost any Nova Galactic part there.

Keep in mind that the Nova Galactic Staryard which orbits Luna (Earth’s moon) is not functional.

Some of the parts that are unique to this particular location include:

  • Cabot C3 Bridge
  • Cabot C3X Bridge
  • Cabot C4 Bridge

Deimos Staryard

Deimos is a military contractor that provides ships for the United Colonies (UC). The Deimos Staryard orbits Deimos, the first moon of Mars, situated within the the Sol system. Speak with Nikau Henderson at the staryard and you will be able to purchase Deimos ships and ship parts.

Some of the parts that are unique to this particular location include:

  • DS30.1 Ares Bridge
  • DS30.2 Ares Bridge
  • DS40.1 Ares Bridge
  • DS40.2 Ares Bridge

Shielded Cargo and Scan Jammers

In the Porrima System, head to Porrima III. Within the bustling streets of Red Mile, seek out Lon Anderssen to discuss contraband shields. You can also obtain shielded cargo and scan jammers (under equipment) at the Key, from Jasmine Durand (also known as Jazz).

You will need these if you want to successfully smuggle contraband in Starfield, in various systems in the game.

Ship Technician Locations in Starfield

A guide to where you can find ship technicians across the galaxy. Keep in mind that these locations will usually have a Ship Services Technician either right on the landing pad or close to it. In some cases it will be a nameless technician, and other times it will be a named NPC:

  • Cheyenne System: On Akila, visit Akila City.
  • Sol System: Head to Cydonia on Mars.
  • Alpha Centauri: Two key locations here. In Gargarin, you can go to Gargarin Landing, while in Jemison, New Atlantis is your destination.
  • Valo System: On Polvo, the bustling Hopetown awaits.
  • Volii System: Neon is the hub on Volii Alpha.
  • Porima System: There are two distinct places in this system. In Porrima II, Paradiso is the place to be. Over on Porrima III, you’ll want to seek out Red Mile and have a chat with Lon Anderssen.
  • Wolf System: While orbiting Chthonia, The Den is a must-visit. Take note, however: they don’t possess ship scanners. On the bright side, it’s a prime spot to offload any contraband you might have.

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