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Nine things to consider before writing your next blog post

Nine things to consider before writing your next blog post

In this article, we’ll discuss nine important things to consider before writing your next blog post. There are common pitfalls we can fall victim to when we start out writing content for the internet.

So, let’s get started.


Most everyone seems to know that Google places a high degree of value on links to your site. Especially if the links to your site come from authoritative websites.

However, did you know that the way you link to other websites can also affect your search engine ranking? When writing your blog post, be sure to link to high ranking websites and authoritative white paper’s from universities or governments.

When you link to poorly ranked websites often, it can reflect on you. Google wants to know that the content published on your site is authoritative because that’s another way that they determine where to rank your site.


Your blog posts should contain images. We are visual creatures after all. Images draw us in and captivate us, especially good ones.

It is best to use unique images when you are blogging. Whenever possible, you should avoid using images that have been published elsewhere on the internet.

Not only does this help to make your blog post more visually appealing, but it also helps to improve your search engine ranking. This is because Google places a high value on original content.

Learn a few tips on how to take better pictures.

So, when possible, take your own pictures and use them to demonstrate what you are writing about in your blog post.

keywords and clarity

While it is important to use the proper keywords in any post, don’t just use the same keywords over and over. You should vary the way you talk about certain things. This will help Google’s AI pick up on what exactly you are writing about in your article.

It will also make your writing sound more natural, which is always a good thing. Repeating terms and words over and over just doesn’t make for great reading.

So, take the time to find different ways to say things and include a variety of keywords in your blog post. Not just for your readers, but so that Google’s bots know what you are saying when you write something.

Make it easy to consume for the reader

People don’t often read every word that is written on a webpage. They often scan the page and pick up on small snippets or lists. So, it is important to make the blog post easy for someone to scan through.

For example, when you are writing on the web, you should be careful not to make your paragraphs too long. When people see a wall of text, it can be overwhelming for them.

In fact, there are other ways for you to make it easier for a reader to view your post. They include:

  • Bullet points
  • Numbered lists
  • Shorter paragraphs
  • Shorter sentences
  • More images
  • Video
  • Charts and tables

Keep those factors in mind when you write your next blog post. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a long sentence once in a while. Just be aware of these concepts and do your best to implement them well.

The longer you can engage your visitors and keep them interested in your website and it’s content, the higher it will rank on Google.

Stay relevant to the topic

Don’t stray too far from the main topic. It is important to be clear and concise with your writing. Especially with your headings and sub headings.

Your blog post should have one main focus and everything else in the article should somehow relate back to that. Relevance is the primary factor in ranking your site for keywords with Google.

If you find yourself writing about something that doesn’t quite fit, it might be best to save it for another blog post. It is better to publish one great article than two mediocre ones that go off on tangents.

Focus on quality over quantity

When writing your blog post, it is important to focus on quality over quantity. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and they are now placing a higher value on quality content.

This means that you should take the time to write a well-thought-out article. One that is well researched and well written.

Don’t worry about the word count for your blog posts too much. As long as you are writing quality content, Google will reward you if you are creating value for readers.

Don’t be afraid to start

This may seem counter to the previous point about quality over quantity. However, there are two things I hope to impress upon you here.

First, you are not going to be the best writer when you start compared to when you have been doing it for years. Even months from now you will likely be much better at this if you stick with it.

Part of what makes you better is repetition and learning. We all started out in life with nothing and we learned to get good at the things we put time and effort into. So, you need to start from somewhere, and it is ok to not be perfect.

Secondly, perfectionism is often the enemy of progress. If you are waiting for everything to be just right, you will likely never start writing.

I am not saying that you should publish subpar work, but don’t get too hung up on making it perfect. Just write and worry about making it better later.

Do your research

Before writing your blog post, it is important to do your research. This means that you should take the time to find out what others have already said on the topic.

You can use Google to find articles on the topic. Just be sure to read through them carefully and make sure that you are adding your own unique perspective. If you have personal experience and knowledge on a specific subject, add that in add that in as well.

Remember, Google loves unique content, but you need to back it up with authoritativeness as well.

Use odd numbers

It’s a strange thing, but people are more interested in odd numbers than even numbers. You will find that as a general rule, a list about “9 things that you should do” will generally outperform a list about “10 things”.

When I was putting together this blog post, I actually noticed that it only had 8 things to consider before writing your next blog post. However, I knew it would be better if it were 7 or 9. So, instead of removing one of them, I added this one.

Using odd numbers also works better when coming up with pricing for goods/services as well.


There are many things to consider before you even start writing your next post, such as:

  • Links: You should link to authoritative sites and studies
  • Images you use: Learn how to take pictures and use unique content as often as possible
  • Keywords and clarity: Don’t spam keywords, use a variety of different terms that are relevant to the topic at hand
  • Making content easier to consume: Write shorter paragraphs and sentence, use lists, images, and video
  • Relevance: #1 ranking factor for Google, stay on topic, no tangents
  • Quality over quantity: Provide the best content you can
  • Don’t be afraid to start: You will learn as you go, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes
  • Research: Do plenty of research about the topic you are writing about. However, if you have unique knowledge and content, share it as well.
  • Use odd numbers: When possible, use odd numbers for your blog posts, lists, etc.

I hope this article helped you to understand some of the important things you should consider when writing. Even if you picked up just one new helpful tip from this article, it will serve you well as you move forward.

Best of luck to you!

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